Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2006

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Jody Laehn
Notre Dame of De Pere
DePere, WI USA

We decorated 80 bags!

About our project: Notre Dame has been participating in the Earth Day Groceries Project for four years. We kick off the project in the computer lab by visiting your site to learn more about Earth Day and how the project works. After we have looked at bags from others schools, we begin drawing our ideas for our bags with KidPix software. Second grade also visits other interactive websites to discover the importance of Earth Day. Third grade enjoyed the program so much last year they also helped decorate bags again for 2006. Grade 2 and 3 decorated 80 bags. Thanks for a great community awareness project and an engaging way to incorporate technology. Our students are so proud of their bags. Thanks Piggly Wiggly for your support.

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submitted on 5/4/2006

Kathleen Wunderlich
Learning Edge Childcare and Preschool
New Berlin, WI USA

We decorated 100 bags!

About our project: Our Center participated last year and had a wonderful time decorating them. This year I asked the Crawler Teachers (children ages 12-18 months) to have their kids help decorate. They were creative and used finger painting. And for the rest of the bags, I handed out to other classes to decorate. In the School age room, we tried to decorate them with different materials for each day i.e. hands and feet, stickers, paint brushes etc. The children were really creative this year and had fun once again.

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submitted on 4/27/2006

Rita Hoffman
Hmong American Peace Academy
Milwaukee, WI USA

We decorated 161 bags!

About our project: Our students had a wonderful time reflecting upon the messages they wanted to communicate on their bags and the artwork they'd use to do so. This activity followed our first annual all-school (K-4 through Gr. 6) Science Fair, so the timeliness of the activity could not have been better! The students used information they'd researched about minerals, energy sources and alternative energy sources, conservation, forests and erosion, and pollution to illustrate their bags and "exhort" their community to be conscientious stewards of our world around us. This was a wonderful activity and one in which we hope to participate every year! Thank you for the opportunity! Sincerely, Rita M. Hoffman Hmong American Peace Academy 1418 South Layton Blvd. Milwaukee, WI 53215

submitted on 4/25/2006

Laura Petersen
Rib Lake Elementary School
Rib Lake, WI USA

We decorated 41 bags!

About our project: We had a great time decorating these bags for Earth Day. All of the kids kept saying that they have to tell their parents to go to the grocery store on Saturday so they could see the bags! An excellent project for kids of any age. I will definitely help contribute from this year onward.

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submitted on 4/24/2006

Pat Poeschel
Arkansaw Middle School
Durand, WI USA

We decorated 100 bags!

About our project:

submitted on 4/13/2006