Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2004

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Noni Ojala
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Hancock, MI USA

We decorated 82 bags!

About our project: The high school mentors and the elementary school "littles" in the High Five Mentoring Program at L'Anse Area Schools had a great time with this Earth Day project. The mentors had an opportunity to talk to their "littles" about Earth Day and how we can Reduce! Reuse! and Recycle!. The discussion gave them ideas about the message they would like to convey on their grocery bags. The grocery bag project was successful for our program because it was fun learning experience! We'd like to thank Jim's Foodmart for letting us use their grocery bags and distributing our message.

submitted on 4/20/2005

Shannon Zimmer
Lakewood Elementary School
Holland, MI USA

We decorated 200 bags!

About our project: On April 22, 2004, Lakewood School participated in the Earth Day Groceries Program. Five hundred paper grocery bags were distributed to all students, grades K-5 and were asked to participate by reviewing the Earth Day handout with their parents and decorating their bag with their choice of environmental message. We received many, beautifully decorated bags from our students. Family Fare North fully supported our program and used the decorated bags for groceries on April 22, 2004. Tips: I compiled information regarding the history of Earth Day, the Earth Day Grocery Bag program, environmental issues with a brief description, useful websites and books to support Earth Day. I feel this was both beneficial to the students and parents to see all the ways they can help to save the earth. This is a great program and our PTA and teachers loved the idea. Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

submitted on 5/7/2004

Dawn Sketch
Herlong Cathedral School
Detroit, MI USA

We decorated 220 bags!

About our project: What a great job for our first year participating in EarthDayBags! Everyone did a fantastic job decorating! The students worked in a variety of media including crayon, marker, colored pencil, and paint. Their illustrations were diverse and displayed in our school hallway for a week before they were returned to the stores. Next year, I plan to begin earlier to allow students more time to give it their all. I will also have some of the upper grades make banners for the stores. I would like to finish the project BEFORE spring break next year so the stores can display some of the artwork in their windows before the Earth Day holiday. Please see our pictures and check out our website at!

Look at our pictures!  

submitted on 5/3/2004

Roberta Urbani
DTE Energy
Detroit, MI USA

We decorated 300 bags!

About our project: The DTE Energy Green Team did the Earth Day Grocery Bags project at several Earth Day/Arbor Day activities this season, including our annual Take Your Young Person to Work Day (which occurred on Earth Day, April 22) and a community-based Recycling Jamboree at a local high school. People are always very interested in the project and spread the word to their schools. The DTE Energy Green Team is a group of employees, retirees, family members and friends who work on environmental projects on company property and in the communities served by DTE Energy.

submitted on 5/3/2004

Colleen Warner
Algonquin Middle School
Algonac, MI USA

We decorated 106 bags!

About our project: As part of an earth day celebration week, students decorated bags from our locally owned IGA grocery store. Students involved included half of the eighth graders in our school (from four individual classes). Each class then voted on the top 9 in each class and those chosen are what you see in the pictures.

Look at our pictures!  

submitted on 4/30/2004