Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2005

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Tracy Quinlan
Vinal Elementary School
Norwell, MA USA

We decorated 550 bags!

About our project: We have a whole-school Community Meeting once a month, and this year each grade level was responsible for organizing one meeting. For the month of April, it was the second graders turn. They wanted to do something with Earth Day for our group activity and brainstormed a number of great ideas. When they heard about the Earth Day Grocery Project, that was it! We asked the two supermarkets in town if they would be interested in participating, and, of course, both were very interested. We then had second grade representatives go around to each classroom (pre-K through 5th) to explain the project and to give each class grocery bags. At our Community Meeting at the end of the week, a few second graders explained the project in greater detail and asked each class to bring up their finished bags. They were then delivered to the stores and used on Earth Day! It was a great project for all involved! We're already looking forward to doing it again next year!

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submitted on 5/4/2005

Kay Halloran
City of Newburyport
Newburyport, MA USA

We decorated 1000 bags!

About our project: This is a favorite project for our art teachers each year! Shoppers anxiously await the arrival of the decorated bags each Earth Day morning. As a recycling coordinator, my whole day brightens up when I read and look at the great "words of wisdom" from our local artists!

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submitted on 4/27/2005

Gemma Amero-Grausam
Fuller Elementary School
Gloucester, MA USA

We decorated 650 bags!

About our project: We started with a practice picture and lettering using the words "Earth Day 2005" on each of our bags. When the practice drawing was completed, we began drawing on paper grocery bags with pencil. When the bag was checked, the pencil drawing was outlined or traced with a permanent black marker. Our bags were then colored with Crayola Construction Paper Crayons. We also used this lesson to talk about Earth Day in our community and around the world. Our local newspaper wrote a nice story about our project and included some photographs on the front page of our newspaper. The project is always a success and we are already looking forward to next year.

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submitted on 4/25/2005

Paul McQuilkin
Wyman School
Woburn, MA USA

We decorated 184 bags!

About our project: The children at Wyman School decorated 184 grocery bags which were distributed to lucky customers at the Woburn Mall. This is our fourth year participating and we really enjoy this activity. Keep up the good work!

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submitted on 4/23/2005

Barbara Dopart
C. V. Carroll School
Fall River, MA USA

We decorated 302 bags!

About our project: The students were asked to draw a picture on a large Stop & Shop bag after a discussion as to what the purpose of Earth Day is and in what ways we can celebrate it. The art teacher was willing to devote an art period per grade to get the bags done.

submitted on 4/22/2005