Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2007

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Gemma Amero-Grausam
Fuller Elementary School
Gloucester, MA USA

We decorated 600 bags!

About our project: We began our project with a reminder about what Earth Day is and how it is celebrated in our community and around the world. We created practice pictures using pencils and crayons and then went on to work directly on our bags. We completed the drawings on our bags with a Sharpie marker outline and then colored them with Crayola Construction Paper Crayons which provide wonderfully vibrant colors.

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submitted on 5/22/2007

Janet Davis
Westborough, MA USA

We decorated 30 bags!

About our project: This is the second year that we have participated in the program. So far, we have just had one Sunday school class participate, so there have not been too many bags decorated. Half of the bags that we decorate we return to the store, the other half we give out to parishioners encouraging them to recycle. I have found that meeting in the evening and having pizza first definitely motivated the children to participate. I also played music with environmental themes while the children worked, and asked the children to take turns naming their favoite sights, sounds, and touches from nature.

submitted on 5/18/2007

Donna Astion
Berkshire Hills
Great Barrington, MA USA

We decorated 50 bags!

About our project: We started out with a general discussion about Earth Day and ecology and environmental science. After asking students what suggestions/changes they could start in their own homes to help our planet we then went on to share our messages with our community through the Earth Day Bag project. What started with a small group of students quickly spread and we are already planning our participation next year. And the customers who received the bags loved them!

submitted on 5/2/2007

Robert Limoncelli
Snug Harbor Community School
Quincy, MA USA

We decorated 130 bags!

About our project: This is the 5th yr. of participation by the Snug Harbor Community School and our local Super Stop and Shop. This year in collaboration with Stop and Shop Manager, Rick Ramos, students also wrote short stories and poems about Earth Day and the environment. Stop and Shop awarded gift certificates for the best work and rewarded all students who decorated bags with "green" re-usable grocery bags. As a follow-up to this community service learning project, an environmental engineer from the Stop and Shop Corporation is scheduled to give a presentation on recycling and energy conservation.

submitted on 5/1/2007

Nicole Allaire
Seven Hills
Worcester, MA USA

We decorated 480 bags!

About our project: Seven Hills SSTS Program is a transitional program serving adolescents and young adults of differing mental and physical abilities. We promote independence and community involvement. All students were able to participate in this community project and enjoyed creating positive Earth Day messages and artwork on grocery bags for our local Shaw's Supermarket. We used adaptive instruments, such as home-made stencils, to help students who required assistance. Students were very proud of the outcome and learned valuable lessons on environmental protection.

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submitted on 4/27/2007