Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2001

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Susan Deck
Middletown Elementary
Stephens City, VAUSA

We decorated 540 bags!

About our project: Contact store well ahead of time.

submitted on 6/13/2001

Bill Threlkeld
Clearview Elementary School
Herndon, VAUSA

We decorated 587 bags!

About our project: This was initiated by the PTA but obviously it takes a lot of coordination (and agreement) with the school staff and teachers (esp. teachers). It is easy to get the grocery stores involved. It is very little work for them. Make sure they have bags printed on one side only before approaching the store manager. We did the bags in advance and put some of the best up on the walls in the cafeteria a week before Earth Day. This way kids get to see the works of others. Also, we had a Bingo Night in the cafeteria that week so a lot of parents go to see the bags too. All the energy goes into the making of the bags and the learning involved. Earth Day itself, for the project, is somewhat anticlimatic. Our photos are on our website at

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submitted on 6/6/2001

Cynthia Margeson
Arlington Traditional School
Arlington, VAUSA

We decorated 250 bags!

About our project: It's a great program. My store ran out of bags, so my school would like to do at least twice as many next year. Great project!!

submitted on 5/9/2001

Pam Muller
Sullins Academy
Bristol, VAUSA

We decorated 187 bags!

About our project: Since our school was on spring break the week before Earth Day, children at Sullins Academy decorated the grocery bags in celebration of Earth Day and we discussed the many ways that we could recycle and reuse the grocery bags. Each child took their grocery bag home and they were to use the bag at least 3 times before recycling it. They came up with many clever uses for the bags and they loved decorating them. Our school usually celebrates Earth Day in a big way by cleaning up parks, planting trees, recycling cans, and spending the whole day outdoors. We will add this project next year. It was fun! Thanks for the bags and all the good ideas. Pam Muller, Sullins Academy

submitted on 5/8/2001

Janice Lewis
Thoroughgood Elementary School
Virginia Beach, VAUSA

We decorated 688 bags!

About our project: The students were very excited about the project and did a beautiful job with the bags. Unfortunately, even though the store seemed to understand that the bags were to be used to bag all groceries on Earth Day, they were only bagging in the paper Earth Day bags if customers specifically asked for them. It was a little frustrating considering the work that went into decorating and distributing the bags. Unfortunately, Virginia isn't a big conservation state!

submitted on 4/30/2001