Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2005

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Kimberley Thompson
County of Rockbrige
Lexington, VA USA

We decorated 2500 bags!

About our project: All County elementary and some preschools participated.

submitted on 5/12/2006

Patricia Waldo
Norfolk, VA USA

We decorated 900 bags!

About our project: Some of the students had never heard of Earth Day, so this hands-on activity was a great way to introduce them to the purpose of Earth Day as well as allow them the opportunity to teach others about this important day. The bags were so well decorated that the cashiers wanted to see and read each one before using them for packing groceries. This was such a great idea!

submitted on 5/24/2005

Katherine Elkins
Charles Barrett Elementary
Alexandria, VA USA

We decorated 220 bags!

About our project: A parent brought the project to my attention; we jumped on it immediately. On project day, I took at least 15 minutes to brainstorm with the students about Earth Day and all the areas that we could celebrate: Recycling, Conservation, Endangered Animals, Litter Control, Pollution... I provided construction-paper crayons since they produce such intense color on brown paper. The results were absolutely beautiful and we received many comments from the shoppers at Harris Teeter about how effective the message was!

submitted on 4/29/2005

Renee Moss
Arcola Community Center
Sterling, VA USA

We decorated 260 bags!

About our project: This made a great impact on the kids! Can't wait for next year!

submitted on 4/27/2005

Monica Gonzalez
Stuart Elementary
Stuart, VA USA

We decorated 225 bags!

About our project: This was our first year with this project. So far we have had a great response from students, teachers, and community members. I can't wait to do it again next year!

submitted on 4/25/2005