Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2004

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Kimberley Thompson
County of Rockbridge
Lexington, VA USA

We decorated 2000 bags!

About our project: All County elementary schools participated.

submitted on 5/12/2006

Brooke Dalton
Rockbridge County Recycling/ Elementary Schools
Lexington, VA USA

We decorated 1992 bags!

About our project: I am the Recycling Education Coordinator for Rockbridge County, Virginia. I have been going to the elementary schools teaching the importance of the 3R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). I have a large bus that accompanies me to the schools that is an active recycling center and an activity bus. ("The Roving Recycler") When I was looking online I stumbled across the Earth Day Grocery Project which was a perfect activity for the students to do on the bus. It gave the students a chance to teach others what they had learned. The student's messages revolved around how vital it is to our earth that we all practice the 3R's. All of the students in Rockbridge County did an amazing job on their bags. I was at the participating stores on Earth Day with "The Roving Recycler" and saw what a great success the project was. The shoppers came out with smiles on their faces and a vital message in their cart. Thank you for this project. I look forward to next year. I would like to thank all of the schools that contributed: Central Elem., Effinger Elem., Enderly Heights Elem., Fairfield Elem., Kling Elem., Mountain View Elem., Natural Bridge Elem. and Waddell Elementary. I would also like to thank the stores that participated: Krogers in Lexington, VA; Food Lion in Lexington, VA and Food Lion in Buena Vista, VA. Our sucess is due to the cooperation of our schools staff, students and the employees at our local Krogers and Food Lions. Thank you again. Sincerely, Brooke Dalton

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submitted on 5/10/2004

Anne Boxley
Daisy Girl Scout Troop 4098
Chesapeake, VA USA

We decorated 9 bags!

About our project: Our troop was studying to earn their green daisy petal, "Use Resources Wisely". To support this lesson, we talked about the three R's and debated paper vs. plastic at the grocery store - they were surprised at the answer of, "Neither, bring your own bag from home!" We decorated the grocery bags from our local store and I returned them the next day. They were displayed until Earth Day (several girls visited the store to see their handiwork), when they were used to promote this great cause. The Farm Fresh manager was a gem, not only because she was a former Girl Scout, but also because she planned to participate in an Earth Day event herself! We all enjoyed this project and plan to repeat it again next year!

submitted on 4/24/2004

Beth Moorman
Free Union Country School
Charlottesville, VA USA

We decorated 105 bags!

About our project: We did this project for the first time this year, and we had a great time! The whole school (85 students) got into designing beautiful bags for Earth Day. Thanks to Whole Foods for donating the bags, and to Christina and Carolyn for making it happen! We can't wait to participate next year.

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submitted on 4/23/2004

Beth Doyle
Potowmack Elementary School
Sterling, VA USA

We decorated 630 bags!

About our project: During the month of April our Character Education focused on Responsibility. As part of our classroom Guidance lessons we discussed how we can be responsible citizens in our communities. The Earth Day Groceries Project tied in nicely by enabling our students to exhibit their responsibility to increase awareness for environmental issues. One student even asked me to relay to the grocers that it would be best to give one back to each shopper rather than using multiple earth day bags during one transaction. He thought this would enable us to reach more people with our messages! The students loved the project and came up with many creative themes for the bags. One student even wrote a "Declaration of Recycling" on her bag. We waited to deliver the bags until after school on April 22nd so the students would have the opportunity to go to the stores to see their bags being used. The stores were quite anxious to receive them when we arrived and distributed them to the checkouts immediately. We heard many positive comments from shoppers and employees. It was an excellent community project for our school. Thank you for the idea and we'd like to express our thanks to the stores who were our partners for this project, Giant/Cascades and Wegmans/Dulles.

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submitted on 4/23/2004