Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2000

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Suzanne Nagel
Myers Elementary
Elkins Park, PAUSA

We decorated 480 bags!

About our project: The children participated along with the help of our student council. We received several thank you letters from community shoppers.

submitted on 7/10/2000

Ann Toy
Stewart Elem. School
Lower Burrell, PAUSA

We decorated 450 bags!

About our project: Every child in our school had the opportunity to decorate a bag for Earth Day. We did this last year and the children were very eager to participate again. They like the idea of having their work available to the public. They had some great ideas to put on the bags. The lower grades used ideas taken from "Copycat" last year.

submitted on 5/22/2000

Pam Curren
Mosherville Elem. School
Millerton, PAUSA

We decorated 250 bags!

About our project: Our PTO picked up the bags from P&C in Elmira, NY. The children decorated them with a message about recycling and not wasting. Even the Kindergarten children were able to draw pictures with a good message about saving the Earth. We returned the bags in time for the store to pass out on the 22nd. Some of the families were waiting to grocery shop on Sat., to see whose bag they would receive.

submitted on 5/4/2000

Deana Messinger
Dillsburg Elementary
Dillsburg, PAUSA

We decorated 360 bags!

About our project: One of our participating stores' bags were printed on all sides. We used legal sized paper to draw our designs and then glued them to the store's bags. Students and community loved the project!

submitted on 5/4/2000

Margaret Moore
Kunkel Elementary School
Middletown, PAUSA

We decorated 500 bags!

About our project: This is the third year Kunkel has participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project. We decorated nearly 500 bags for Fox's Market. The children came up with clever slogans and pictures. They were very excited about the project. The third graders were invited to tour the store. They saw their bags being packed for shoppers and some bags were on display. They also saw how a business can recycle plastics, cardboard, and styrofoam. A happy shopper sent us a thank you note. She thanked the children of our school for caring about our world. Some pictures appeared in the local weekly newspaper. The children look forward to decorating more bags next year.

submitted on 5/2/2000