Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2007

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Amanda Seibel
Har-Mer Elementary School
Harrisville, PA USA

We decorated 200 bags!

About our project: As an Earth Day Project to connect the school with the surrounding communities, myself along with another Student Teacher felt that the Grocery Project was a wonderful way to do so. I contacted the manager of the local Giant Eagle and he happily agreed to participate. As well as the five elementary teachers at the very rural and small Har-Mer Elementary School. Once the bags were completed we dropped them off at Giant Eagle and they disappeared quickly. The community really loved the project. GREAT IDEA!!!!

submitted on 4/28/2007

Angela Luisi
West Chester Area School District
West Chester, PA USA

We decorated 459 bags!

About our project: It was very fun doing this project. I taught my class about Earth Day for Science. As a culminating activity, we created the bags to raise awareness for Earth Day.

submitted on 4/26/2007

Donna Graff
Albany Elementary School
Kempton, PA USA

We decorated 115 bags!

About our project: Every year we have the school's annual Earth Day celebration. This year I saw about having the kids decorate grocery bags. So we had them do this at one of our stations. We had a note about the grocery bag project that we had the children attach to the one side of the bag while they decorated the other side with environmental messages & pictures. Then the next day, Saturday, we had the one mom who works at the grocery store, take the bags back to the store. Then on Earth Day the cashiers made sure each customer got one bag with the environmental message from out school on. This was a definite hit, something that we may repeat year after year! Donna G. Albany Elem. School Earth Day Coordinator

submitted on 4/25/2007

Karen Ford
Brentwood Elementary Schools
Pittsburgh, PA USA

We decorated 519 bags!

About our project: This was Brentwood's first year participating in the Earth Day Groceries Project. Students in grades K-5 at both elementary schools decorated grocery bags provided by Brentwood Giant Eagle. We decorated 519 bags! The students and staff were very excited. The bags turned out great! We look forward to doing it again in 2008!

Look at our pictures!  

submitted on 4/25/2007

Beverly Lukashewski
Wyoming Valley West/ Chester Street
Kingston, PA USA

We decorated 54 bags!

About our project: We had a blast creating these bags and Price Chopper was very happy to work with us. We also put persuasive letters inside of each bag, hoping that the shoppers will reduce, reuse, and recycle.

submitted on 4/25/2007