Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2004

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Heather Gang
Town of Pahrump
Pahrump, NV USA

We decorated 400 bags!

About our project: In Pahrump, Nevada we made a contest out of our Earth Day bags. Our local Albertson's grocery store not only donated the bags but kicked in some Starbuck's coupons for prizes. Using your logo from the earthdaybags website, we made up some snazzy-looking flyers for the kids and a letter with more information for the teachers. We couln't afford to make copies for all 4200 school children in Pahrump; luckily, the director of Pahrump's after school program was able to e-mail the flyers, teacher letters and entry forms (to be stapled to the backs of the bags and removed later) to all the teachers and after school program coordinators at all six schools in the valley. Most of the entries came from the after school program kids, but a few teachers encouraged their classes to participate also. We took art supplies (I found a couple of huge boxes of bingo daubers at a yard sale!) to the Earth Day celebration, and we got more entries there. Displaying the 400 or so bags at the Earth Day celebration was rather a challenge on a breezy, but beautiful, Nevada spring day. We had made display boards out of four 4' x 8' pressboard panels, but that wasn't nearly enough space for all the bags. We strung them around all the posts of our park's gazebo, but it was hard to keep them taped up using only masking tape that wouldn't tear or gum up the bags. If anyone has any suggestions for displaying the bags, we're open. If not, next year I think we'll try stapling an elastic lattice all over the display boards which will hopefully keep the bags in place. I called the local arts council, and a couple of professional artists came down and judged the bags. After the celebration, we took all the entry forms and tape off the bags and took them back to Albertson's, where I heard customers were very pleased. I submitted information about the contest to the local newspaper hoping they would do an article, but none has appeared. Next year I will try to personally contact the reporters by phone. All in all, I think it was a great success! The kids really showed Pahrump that they care about our Earth, and that's what's really important. After all, if the next generation didn't care, what would be the point?

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submitted on 5/8/2004