Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2007

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Patricia Mariscal
Building community class
Las Vegas, NV USA

We decorated 1500 bags!

About our project: The Earth Day Project was really fun! For a week and a half, Mrs. Mariscal's "Building Community" explorations class, put together a schoolwide project to help unite the students, school, and the community. In class we counted out the number of bags needed for each classroom. We also constructed sample bags for each teacher, along with student generated directions for the project. The students reported they liked feeling in control of a project, which included the entire school of 1500 students. Reflections included comments such as, "I felt like a teacher," and "I felt like for awhile that the students were in charge of learning." The most important lesson learned for these students was the realization that they really can make a difference. What a terrific way to learn about life, sharing, and community!

submitted on 9/20/2007

Tina Close
Girl Scout Troop #134
Henderson, NV USA

We decorated 40 bags!

About our project: This was our Brownie troop's 2nd year participating in the Earth Day Groceries Project. They enjoy it so much! This year they decided to do additional recycling by using old magazines to cut things out of and stickers to glue onto the bags.

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submitted on 5/15/2007

Charis Derbyshire
Mountain View Montessori
Reno, NV USA

We decorated 350 bags!

About our project: It was a great success. We really got out the message that people need to reduce, reuse and recycle! We were having so much fun with the project that our local newspaper even came and interviewed and wrote an article about us! Thanks for giving us the great idea!

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submitted on 5/10/2007

Cheryl Martel
John S Park Elementary School
Las Vegas, NV USA

We decorated 1000 bags!

About our project: The success of the project last year was so great that we decided to include the entire school! This year the categories were the same for K-2: K-Most Colorful, 1st grade-Most Creative, 2nd grade-Best Environmental Message. For 3rd thru 5th grades, the category was Best Solution to an Environmental Problem. The winners received prizes and their bags were on display in the store on Earth Day. The local Albertson's store was more than happy to participate again supplying us with 1,000 bags and the response from the community was very positive and exciting. We look forward to participating again next year!

submitted on 5/8/2007

Rich Stratmeyer
Girl Scouts
Fallon, NV USA

We decorated 100 bags!

About our project: My wife and I lead a Brownie/Senior Girl Scout Troop of 7 Girls. Our girls call them selves the Extreme Girl Scouts of Troop #742! This year, three of our Brownies along with our Senior Girl Scout Troop Assistant and my wife colored 100 bags for the Groceries Bags Project as part of earning their Earth Day Patch! This was our first year. They were then asked to set up a booth at the local Commissary while their bags were used to educate the public about Earth Day. Five of our seven Girl Scouts attended the booth and they had a wonderful time teaching people about Senator Gaylord Nelson and the first Earth day in 1970! We are sending in a picture of our three who colored over 25 bags a piece: Kayla, Madisen, and Chelsea! Happy Earth Day! We love our Earth!

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submitted on 4/23/2007