Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2000

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Lorraine Krause
Soulanges School
St. Telesphore, QCCanada

We decorated 65 bags!

About our project: Soulanges School, a one room schoolhouse in Quebec started the Earth Day Groceries Project in 1998 and we decorated 52 bags. In 1999, we decorated 75 bags. This year, 2000, we decorated 65 bags. The bags also carry a bilingual message, French and English. We gave the bags to Robert Cuillerier, again, who owns the corner store called Chez Robert. Netfiles, PBS, was with us as we presented them to Robert, and this was broadcast on the final Netfiles programme of this year, May 2000. This is an amazing proejct. .

submitted on 6/28/2000

Trudy Williams
Royal Charles School
St. Hubert, QCCanada

We decorated 372 bags!

About our project: Royal Charles School is a French Immersion School on the South Shore of Montreal, Quebec. This is the fourth year that we have participated in The Earth Day Groceries Project. We decorated the grocery bags with French and English environmental messages.The teachers and the students enjoyed working together on such an important issue. We feel that it is essential to make a link between nature and the human element. Happy Earth Day to all...

submitted on 4/27/2000