Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2006

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Jennifer Butler
Twin Oaks
laval, QC Canada

We decorated 360 bags!

About our project: Ths is the fourth year we participated as a school. The bags just keep getting more creative! Shoppers were quick to pick the decorated paper bags over the plastic ones on Earth Day. Way to go Twin Oaks students!

submitted on 5/15/2006

Trudy Williams
Boucherville Elementary
Boucherville, QC Canada

We decorated 265 bags!

About our project: Boucherville Elementary School, an English school within Riverside School Board on the South Shore of Montreal, participated in the Earth Day Grocery Bay Project for the first time. What a success! Our entire school population, kindergarten to grade 6, enjoyed decorating the grocery bags with environmentally friendly messages. The students are very concerned about the environment and feel that this project has helped to make people realize that together we can make a difference. This project was completed with thanks to Marché J C Messier at 650 Blvd. Fort St. Louis in Boucherville. Let's make a difference every day!

submitted on 5/7/2006

Suzanne Gionet
Pierre Elliott Elementary School
Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC Canada

We decorated 413 bags!

About our project: This our fifth year participating in this project. We have decorated 413 bags! The kids really improved their drawings this year and came up with amazing new slogans. The manager at Loblaws Grocery Store was again very happy to lend us some bags. They had a clown and balloons on Earth Day this year to underline this celebration. Parents love to get our bags at Loblaws. We made two banners and eight posters this year. One banner was posted at Loblaws Grocery Store, along with three posters. The other banner stayed in our school, as well as five posters. We would like to send many thanks to Loblaws Grocery Store who ordered extra bags for us! We were also invited by our Municipality to present our special project again this year to the community. Thank you for keeping this project alive.

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submitted on 5/2/2006

Manon Dubois
louis lafortune
Delson, QC Canada

We decorated 250 bags!

About our project: I read about the grocery bags project and thought it sounded really fun. Best of all it was free. I told my students about the project and they thought it was very cool. After speaking with the other cycle 3 teachers, they decided to come on board. I work in a French school, so the message on half the bags was in French. The intensive English classes wrote the messages in English. It was a fantastic learning opportunity. We reflected on our role in protecting the environment and the kids learned new vocabulary in their second language. I hope to repeat this project next year on a larger scale. I'd like to get all 700 students in our school involved.

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submitted on 4/30/2006