Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2003

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Jennifer Butler
Twin Oaks
Laval, QC Canada

We decorated 350 bags!

About our project: Our whole school was involved in this wonderful project! The children were very excited about decorating their bags and many shopped at IGA on Earth Day just so they could witness the distribution of their efforts first hand! This is a super school/community progect that helped develop an awareness of the importance of being friendly to our environment!

submitted on 3/26/2004

Lorraine Krause
Gault Institute
Quebec, QC Canada

We decorated 72 bags!

About our project: Maxi store in Valleyfield, Quebec was very enthusiastic about our project and donated all the bags to be decorated. the children brainstormed messages for the bags and we translated them into French also. Most of the boys and girls in Grade One are learning English as a Second language. This was a great big project for them and they were excited that maybe friends would get the bags they decorated.

submitted on 3/8/2004

Suzanne Gionet
Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary
Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC Canada

We decorated 375 bags!

About our project: I have been participating in this project for five years and I have enjoyed it equally every year. The project is simple and interesting for all age groups. It is our school’s second year and the children enjoy it so much that we will make it a ritual. Last year, we decorated 331 bags and this year we went up to 375 bags. This year, grade 3 and 4 students started a green group. They made a banner; they cleaned the schoolyard and they sensitized other children in the school about the effect of pollution. Thank you for keeping this project alive. We also appreciate that Loblaws grocery store lent us the bags. We heard that the customers enjoyed reading the bilingual messages.

submitted on 5/5/2003

Mary Louise Rodgers
Golden Valley School
Val d'Or, QC Canada

We decorated 190 bags!

About our project: This is the first year I have tried this project, although some of the teachers have been involved with it previously at another school. I am thrilled with some of the art work and sorry that we had to give it away! This year Earth Day was so close to Easter and on a PD day , to boot. Next year we will start earlier so that we do not feel the rush as the day approaches. It will also fit nicely into our last term's theme - the environment. I was amazed at how much even the youngest children know about the need to treat our planet with respect. I think there is hope for us yet!

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submitted on 4/23/2003

Trudy Williams
Saint Jude School , Riverside School Board
Greenfield Park, QC Canada

We decorated 589 bags!

About our project: We are a large elementary school on the south shore of Montreal. Our school has two streams: English and French Immersion. For this reason, our grocery bags were decorated with environmentally friendly messages in both French and English. Our students and teachers enjoyed the integration of art, science, and languages that this project lends itself to. Many thanks to Super C at 5012 Taschereau Blvd. in Greenfield Park for supporting this project. To the teachers and staff of Saint Jude School, congratulations on a wonderful community projcet. Let's continue to make a difference. Happy Earth Day!

submitted on 4/21/2003