Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2002

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Rochelle Simon
Owen Public School
Toronto , ONCanada

We decorated 150 bags!

About our project: Our students LOVED sending out an Earth Day message, and worked very well together to create beautiful bags which our locl Loblaws store was more than happy to share with customers on Earth Day. The most fun we had decorating was one sunny day at recess when a group of us went outside with a bag of paper bags and awhole bunch of waterproof markers. Being out in the fresh air at the beginning of spring was inspirational for students sending Earth Day messages!

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submitted on 5/9/2002

Sonya Latimer
Pringle Creek P.S.
Whitby, ONCanada

We decorated 450 bags!

About our project: This is our first year participating in this wonderful program and it was a roaring success! The students and staff all enjoyed this creative outlet for getting our earth friendly messages out to our neighbourhood. Many teachers used the bags to tie into their science curriculum, others tied it into their art program. This is a project we will be happy to participate in next year!

submitted on 4/28/2002

Richard Schertzer
Hitherfield Preparatory School
Campbellville, ONCanada

We decorated 125 bags!

About our project: This is our fourth year of participation. Our students did a wonderful job decorating the bags with messages about ensuring that we have clean air and water, protecting wildlife habitats, reducing waste and recycling. We appreciate the continuing support and enthusiasm of our participants, Nature's Fire and Country Depot. Thank you to Mrs. Scott, our Principal, Mr. Gover, who coordinated the project and all the staff and students. Great job everyone!

submitted on 4/23/2002

Mary Redstone
Manor Park Public School
Ottawa, ONCanada

We decorated 536 bags!

About our project: This is the second year I have been involved in your project. This year, each teacher used the bags in their classroom to teach curriculum related lessons! The children loved the project. As well on Earth day we recieved a email written by a patron of the store (and member of our community) stating: "There were paper bags available. They sparkled in the sun and made us smile with their cheery pictures and messages. The bags also served to remind us that Earth Day is an important day... Seeing the students Earth Day bags made us glad that there are people who care about the condition of the world we live in..." Lian Goodall, Ottawa, Ont.

submitted on 4/23/2002

Nancy Barrett
St.Joseph's School
Kingsbridge, ONCanada

We decorated 74 bags!

About our project: This was a great project which allowed our whole school to particpate together! We are a small rural school in southwestern Ontario. This project helped us to keep our school in a very positive light within our community.Our senior students were paired with our primary students to help with ideas and suggestions.Our grade 5 - 8 students discussed our role in the environment in terms of our religious responsibility. We discussed the book of Genesis and noted that humans were to be the "stewards of the earth". We are the trustees of our environment and this means we have been entrusted by God with a great responsibility. In our own area we reflected upon how our environmnet is used and abused.All students in the school were able to express their concerns and hopes for a better earth future. Overall, it was a marvellous oportunity for our students.

submitted on 4/17/2002