Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2007

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Mary Trist
New Prospect Public School
Dryden, ON Canada

We decorated 450 bags!

About our project: Our entire school decorated paper bags for our neighbourhood grocery store. We delivered the bags on Friday and the store began using them on Saturday morning. By 2 pm of that day, all of the bags were gone! They were such a hit, the store had to limit the bags to one per customer. Everyone was thrilled...especially the parents of the artists! It is our hope that these customers will continue to ask for paper instead of plastic!

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submitted on 5/3/2007

Cindy Loop Snyder
Kingsville Public School
Kingsville, ON Canada

We decorated 620 bags!

About our project: Kingsville Public School continued in their quest of supporting a healthy earth by participating in the Earth Day Bag challenge. English and French messages were sent out to the community via poetry, collage, short essay, graphic art, computer generated text, logos and slogans. Over 600 participated. This was an engaging and effective hand-on community connection for all of us.

submitted on 5/3/2007

Paula Mooney
Meadowview P. S.
Addison, ON Canada

We decorated 117 bags!

About our project: Students in grades three through seven decorated bags donated by the Real Canadian Superstore located in Brockville, Ontario. We looked at bags decorated by other schools in previous years. We then listed features of the "best" bags so that we do our best work. The decorated bags were well received by the store and the shoppers. Next year, we hope to involve the entire school!

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submitted on 5/1/2007